a series listing filed in a PDF document can be included in the layer amount of this intercontinental software (PCT)

a series listing filed in a PDF document can be included in the layer amount of this intercontinental software (PCT)

The need to distribute abnormally big series lists and/or numerous electronic files may protect against candidate from generating a total intercontinental program (PCT) submitting in a single EFS-Web submitting

Whenever a sequence listing are submitted via EFS-Web in an innovative new PCT international program both in a PDF file and an ASCII text file, nevertheless the Request form field No. IX does not show which one sorts area of the worldwide program, the PDF duplicate from the series list can be considered to shape an element of the software additionally the ASCII text document can be considered an associated product for browse reasons under PCT tip 13ter.1(a) only.

a series noting registered in an ASCII text document are not included in the piece count associated with the worldwide application (PCT). For that reason, the piece amount for an EFS-Web recorded worldwide application (PCT) that contain both a PDF file and a text file series list can be calculated to incorporate how many sheets on the PDF series list.

The calculation for the intercontinental submitting cost for a global application (PCT), such as a series listing, submitted via EFS-Web is set according to the kind of sequence listing document

One hundred (100) megabytes is the proportions restriction for series detailing text records posted via EFS-Web. Sequence listing text documents should not be partitioned into multiple records for submitting via EFS-Web because the EFS-Web digital submitting method is maybe not at this time equipped to handle this type of distribution. For many additional file type EFS-Web is unable of recognizing data files which can be bigger than 25 megabytes. Moreover, just one EFS-Web entry can sometimes include only 60 digital documents. Note that concerning 60 digital file restriction, a job candidate may publish and validate in sets all the way to 20 records each, with a limit of three sets of 20. If applicant decides to break down a file into numerous section with the multi-doc feature, each component is actually measured together file.

Client may use EFS-Web to lodge part of the intercontinental program (PCT) in order to acquire the intercontinental application (PCT) numbers together with confirmation number, following file the remaining on the worldwide program (PCT) for a passing fancy day as one or more follow-on submissions making use of EFS-Web, being secure exactly the same filing day regarding areas of the international software (PCT). However, candidate is certainly not allowed to register a portion of the international software (PCT) electronically via EFS-Web, right after which submit the remainder associated with the worldwide program (PCT) written down to protect a filing big date of most areas of the worldwide application (PCT).

In circumstance in which candidate should lodge a series list definitely over 100 (100) megabytes, candidate could use EFS-Web to file the intercontinental program (PCT) without any sequence list to search for the intercontinental program (PCT) number as well as the verification amounts, following register the sequence detailing on music cds for a passing fancy time through the use of concern post presentA® from USPS according to 37 CFR 1.10, or hand distribution, so that you can secure the same filing date regarding areas of the intercontinental application (PCT). However, top priority email Express A® through the USPS and hand-carried submissions mustn’t include PDF files and must fully conform to the guidelines for submitting a sequence listing on electronic mass media. The check list of PCT consult supplied via EFS-Web alongside the worldwide program (PCT) must show the sequence noting part of the story can be recorded e time and in the form of an Annex C/ST.25 text document. The sequence list needs to be a single document, nevertheless data could be divided for submission on numerous physical news making use of computer software built to separate a flirthookup review file into multiple data files for following concatenation. In the event that user breaks upwards a sequence listing for entry on numerous cds, the compact discs ought to be identified to point their unique purchase (age.g., “1 of X”, “2 of X”).

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