The interest is very high but it helped

The interest is very high but it helped

Had a ?700 loan paying back ? a…

Had a ?700 loan paying back ? a month that’s over 4 times that what I had borrowed for 18 months total ?2,800 they advertise the fact that you can pay over more months and then slap you in the face with extortionate amount of interest I was desperate for money so I used them and now I’m worse off for it, DO NOT BOTHER WITH THESE VICIOUS CROOKS IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMON SENSE DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID. they need to be shut down.

This company have been reported to the…

This company have been reported to the financial conduct authority today as there ripping customers off how can these be regulated if you take out a loan for ?250 over 18 months your paying loans 2 go ?900 back how is this company still trading my opinion is do not get any loan with them just take a look at there reviews on trust pilot there shocking im glad i have reported them to the financial conduct authority if anything im exposing them so people struggling dont fall into the 18 month trap if anything they need shutting down with mediate effect

5 day cooling off period

So I took out the loan of 250 the night before I noticed the interest was not good as I didn’t read the terms and payday loans Michigan conditions … but noticed there is a 5 day cooling off period so you can return the funds within them days and account is then closed, I gave them a call today and the lady was really nice she took my reference closed the account and all was done.. no fuss just now know to read terms before making this mistake

I now in the process in my case against…

I now in the process in my case against loans 2 go irresponsible loans and the disgusting amount of interest its now been passed on to the authorities and I do belive my case is won the lies and irresponsible loans and interest this company should be investigated for financial regulations but as many people who have been mis sold by this company then fight your case all the way financial service authorities don’t let this company Rob yous its wrong what there doing and soon there about to find out how wrong they are

Genuine review good company

All the bad reviews about this company are due to irresponsible borrowers not reading into their agreement/contact before agreeing and then moaning when they have to pay 4x the amount initially borrow I started small and borrowed money for 8 days and they only charged me roughly ?1 a day which is more than fair and allowed me to pay back early and then take another loan same day

The complete opposite of what I’ve read here.

I read the terrible reviews on here and mostly found it’s people who didn’t read their contracts properly. You only pay the massive interest if you leave it over 1.5 years. You’re free to finish it early, or even cancel the contract straight away and pay back the principle within the timeframe of their T&Cs.

I took out two loans and cancelled the contracts within a week or so, paying back the required amount, and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful or efficient. They even took a ?51 overpayment in the morning and it was refunded into my account a few hours later.

The only negative issue is trying to call them as you get stuck in a queue system that goes up and down randomly for ages. I was on hold for an hour and just gave up in the end. It’s far quicker to get a response using their ‘contact us’ email service on the front page of their website.

I’ve had two experiences with this company and don’t see the hate for them. Yes, their rates are extortionate, but you’re free to pay it back whenever you want. You’re not locked into that massive contract. And they’re swift to close loans and delete accounts once you’ve paid in full.

As much as I’d like to put the boot into a pay day loan company, I really can’t fault their customer service and help. They were happy to talk me through the loan and the interest, then were super swift with their actions, even when it meant paying money back to me.

I can recommend the company, but if you’re unsure, simply speak to them. They’re not cowboys or kneecap loan sharks like a lot of people on here claim.

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