Then asks their playing all the attractions, and that she does unwillingly

Then asks their playing all the attractions, and that she does unwillingly

Makarov informs Lucy which he could be opening Fairy Tail’s pond to your social and informs the lady that he’s and work out individuals get ready internet. Makarov reveals Lucy Natsu’s interest, Salamander’s Fountain. Lucy won’t check it out but Makarov pushed the lady on the boiling hot drinking water. [40] Once Lucy provides decided to go to the attractions, Natsu heads in order to where this woman is, inquiring if the she desires has actually some other continue his attraction and this Lucy instantly refuses. [41]

Your day of your Fateful Encounter [ ]

Note: Considering the argument of the time within this facts and in the main tale, so it omake is regarded as Lucy’s dream.

Lucy is seen taking into consideration the date she had when Natsu and you can Happy appear. The 2 wanted Lucy in the future with them simply because they provides employment. Lucy, who was questioned by the kid she met earlier the afternoon for lunch, says to the 2 you to she has a scheduled appointment plus the one or two leave, disappointed. Mirajane tells Lucy the two have been going to wonder this lady as the now try the woman birthday celebration. However, Lucy claims which wasn’t the girl birthday. Whenever 9 o’clock emerged, Natsu and you will Happy is actually sitting on the fresh teach thinking that Lucy wouldn’t appear. All of a sudden, Lucy comes and you can tells the 2 the job is so much more very important than the girl appointment, she and additionally tells him or her it is maybe not her birthday. Natsu, yet not, says to their it might have been precisely one year as the she registered the new guild. Lucy almost cries on reading which and you will thinks one the lady fateful come across is precisely 12 months in the past when she came across Natsu and Pleased. [42]

Rainbow Sakura [ ]

Everybody in the guild is engaging in this new Hanami event. Lucy, not, is not included in this given that she trapped a cooler. As Natsu and you may Happy exit the lady so you’re able to other people, it recall the time before. Lucy are extremely thrilled immediately following hearing of your event and you will frets on the outfits and beauty of the brand new Rainbow Sakuras. Recalling which, both feel sorry to own Lucy. [43]

After, Lucy try resting for her sleep, taking into consideration the guild as well as the event up until she falls asleep. She after wakes up by music outside and you may find to analyze. She after that sees good Rainbow Sakura into the a boat floating on the the fresh new lake and you will admires the beauty of the fresh new tree. [44]

24 hours later, Lucy was feeling far better. Makarov up coming asks his guild participants who uprooted the new Sakura tree, proclaiming that the brand new mayor is quite resentful. Lucy notices Natsu and you will Happy’s reactions being the responsible ones and you will she thank you so much her or him, whilst two imagine that they do not know exactly what she try speaking of. [45]

Coca-Soda [ ]

Coming back from food shopping, Lucy notices that, once more, Natsu and you will Happy attended to help you the girl house without consent. Even with used to that disease already, she nonetheless yells at him or her and you may informs them to get off. Natsu says to Lucy he and Happy found explore the woman, however, Lucy will not pay too much attract and you may informs her or him you to definitely she’s going to need a shower. Which simply reasons Natsu and Happy to look at her and you may share with the woman to help you hurry up and take this lady bath so that they could fool around with their, that Lucy responses one to she dont need that once they can be found. Adopting the encouragement you to definitely Natsu does not look, Lucy promises you to definitely she will explore her or him immediately following the girl bath, nonetheless they need certainly to get off when evening comes just like the the woman is think to finish her book. [46]

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